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The Bosak Funeral Home is a fourth-generation family-owned business. We take pride in the traditions of our ancestors. We are dedicated to delivering a personalized, compassionate, and quality funeral service with the same traditions that have been shared by our family across the generations for nearly 100 years. Today, the family continues to grow their outreach programs which are the cornerstone of Bosak Funeral Home’s commitment to serving the community.

We understand asking questions about death and dying is not easy, so we encourage you to write to us so that we may provide important information that hopefully sets your mind at ease.

Here we will post most often asked questions in our industry and provide you with the answers. Feel free to reach out to us, write to us and/or comment. We look forward to hearing from you.

Most frequently asked questions include:

  • Cremation and Funeral Jargon
  • Cremation Paperwork
  • Cremation Costs
  • The Cremation Process
  • Veteran Funeral Arrangements
  • Transportation of Cremated Remains
  • Obituary Information
  • Cremation and Memorialization

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