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Funeral Service & COVID-19

To all our families in the Stamford Community, On March 16, Governor Lamont signed an executive order that prohibited large gatherings to a capacity of 50 people. As you are likely aware this prohibition applies to funerals and wakes.  Following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines, our family business at the Bosak... Continue Reading →

Grief Support Resources

Dear Director,Last fall, I buried my wife of 45 years. She was the love of my life and I miss her every day. From when she was in the hospital until the time of her funeral services and burial, I was fortunate to have had a lot of support from my children, my family and... Continue Reading →

A Calling to Serve

  Dear Funeral Director: Why did you become a funeral director? Thank you, Melanie R., Stamford, CT Dear Melanie, It’s a common saying in the death care industry that becoming a funeral director is “a calling” as much as it is a profession. I think that saying has a lot of meaning and truth to... Continue Reading →

Paying Your Respects From a Distance

Dear Funeral Director: Can the funeral of my loved ones be broadcasted for those who were not able to attend? Thank you, Marcia L., Stamford, CT Dear Marcia, Good question…. The answer is yes we can. We haven’t been asked to broadcast services yet, but with the rate that technology’s moving, it gets easier and... Continue Reading →

When Family Does Not Agree

Dear Funeral Director: How are disputes handled between family members not agreeing on the services? Thank you, Bill C., Stamford, CT Dear Bill, From my perspective as a funeral director, the best answer to that question is “very, very gingerly”. Reading situations and being able to quickly determine roles are essential skills for any funeral... Continue Reading →

Inform Yourself And Choose Wisely

Dear Funeral Director: How can I feel comfortable and be reassured that I picked the right funeral home? John K. Stamford, CT Dear John, This is a difficult question to answer because it really comes down to what a family is looking for and their personal preference. It’s more difficult to answer if the families... Continue Reading →

Speaking In Code?

Dear Funeral Director: A nurse friend once told me that if an obituary says that a person "died suddenly" or "unexpectedly" it is a polite way of saying the person died of an overdose or suicide. Is that true? Is there any other coded language you write in an obituary? Thanks, Shari M., Stamford, CT... Continue Reading →

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