Dear Funeral Director:

At the end of her life, my mom passed away at home just like she wanted to. When the people from the funeral home came to take her body, they asked us to wait in another room while they got her ready to move. Why can’t I be in the room while she is being prepared to be taken away?

Thank you,
Veronica T.
Old Greenwich, CT

Dear Veronica,
Thank you for your question. Most certainly … you may remain in the room when your loved one’s body is being transferred to the funeral home if you want to do so. From my personal perspective as a funeral director, I treat the remains of all of the families we serve with care, and with dignity and respect. In terms of fulfilling my professional responsibilities, it does not matter to me if the family remains in the room when we are transferring their loved one. However, depending on the specific situation and individuals involved, I have suggested to the deceased’s loved ones that they may want to go to another room while the actual transfer is being made. I make this suggestion out of consideration for the family and as a professional courtesy. The transfer process is a mechanical process and it may not be something that family members would want to witness. Staff physically moves the decedent from the place of passing by placing the remains in a sanitary pouch and onto a stretcher. There is nothing mysterious about the transfer process. With that said, if a loved one wishes to stay beside the deceased they may do so. Our goal when serving families is to arm them with relevant information, offer them our professional advice and then allow them to decide on how to best move forward. Every family has situations and needs that are unique.

Thanks again for your question Veronica.

Leonard W. Santora, LFD

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