Honoring our Veterans

Dear Funeral Director:

My father is a veteran of the Korean Conflict. What are the benefits that he would be entitled to with regards to funeral services? Is this something I need to prepare for in advance?

Dennis R.
Stamford, CT

Dear Dennis,

Veterans who were honorably discharged from any of the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces are entitled to have a military honor guard present at the time of their interment, a burial flag to be presented to next of kin and a government grave marker. In some circumstances, veterans may be eligible for benefits that can include a burial and plot allowance and possibly even transportation expenses if specific circumstances qualify it. If the death is ruled to be a result of active service, there may be additional funds available. It all depends on the specific circumstance. For detailed information regarding burial benefits for US Veterans, visit the Veterans Administration web site at http://www.cem.va.gov/bbene_burial.asp. In order to access the veteran benefits, families need to provide a DDT214 for the veteran. This form is also known as an” honorable discharge certificate”; it acts as record of military service and the funeral director must present copies of it with the request forms when accessing the benefits. Thank you for your question.

Best regards,
Gerald R. Bosak, LFD

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