Paying Your Respects From a Distance

Dear Funeral Director:

Can the funeral of my loved ones be broadcasted for those who were not able to attend?

Thank you,

Marcia L.,

Stamford, CT

Dear Marcia,

Good question…. The answer is yes we can. We haven’t been asked to broadcast services yet, but with the rate that technology’s moving, it gets easier and less expensive to do. There many companies who offer live video streaming or webcasting services that can be used for remote participants to watch services live. The stream can also be archived digitally for future viewing and copies can be saved and given to family members as tokens of remembrance. We are comfortable with technology at Bosak Funeral Home. In this day and age, you have to be. It’s a necessity when conducting business. Even funeral homes need to keep current with technology. We need to keep our website design up to date, host online obituaries for our families and offer guestbook applications for online “guests” to offer the family sympathy and condolences online. In the back of our large chapel, we offer our families a large flat screen monitor that can play memorial slideshows/videos from DVDs, files off of PCs, Macs, IPads, virtually any format. We also have a networked speaker system if families care to have soft music playing during their time in the room. So, despite the fact that we haven’t broadcasted services as of yet, we adapt easily to technology and proud to be able to offer our families these types of services.


Leonard W. Santora, LFD



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