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Scatter Me At Sea

Dear Funeral Director: My husband loves fishing, boating and the Long Island Sound and spends most of his time out on the water when he can. When he comes home from a great day on the water, he jokingly tells me that when he dies, he wants to be cremated and have my son and... Continue Reading →

Putting Your Best Face Forward

Dear Funeral Director: I’d like to ask you about the photographs that publish in the paper with the obituaries. I’m sure it’s their personal choice… but why do you think that some people decide to use a photograph from their younger days? I think doing this is confusing for the readers and I’d like to... Continue Reading →

All Good Dogs Go To Heaven

Dear Funeral Director: I’ve got what may be an unusual question. We have the remains of our beloved dogs which we considered family. When my wife and I die, our wishes are to be buried alongside each other AND the remains of our dogs. Can our wishes be honored and is something like this legal?... Continue Reading →

Stuck in the Moment

Dear Funeral Director: I have been struggling after my mother’s passing a few months ago and have been looking for a way to get support. Do you have any programs that you recommend, host or sponsor? Sincerely, Marilyn Q. Stamford, CT Dear Marilyn, Great question. Although we haven’t hosted or sponsored specific grief support programs,... Continue Reading →

Honoring our Veterans

Dear Funeral Director: My father is a veteran of the Korean Conflict. What are the benefits that he would be entitled to with regards to funeral services? Is this something I need to prepare for in advance? Sincerely, Dennis R. Stamford, CT Dear Dennis, Veterans who were honorably discharged from any of the branches of... Continue Reading →


Dear Funeral Director: My parents are from Ecuador. When they pass away, they have always talked about being buried in their home country. How difficult would it be to do that? Sincerely, Marta M. Stamford, CT Great question, Marta, with our community becoming such a global one, we have worked with many families expressing the... Continue Reading →


Dear Funeral Director: At the end of her life, my mom passed away at home just like she wanted to. When the people from the funeral home came to take her body, they asked us to wait in another room while they got her ready to move. Why can’t I be in the room while... Continue Reading →

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