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Giving a Eulogy

Dear Funeral Director: I’ve been asked by my cousins if I would give the eulogy for my uncle when he passes. He’s my godfather and I love him like a father, but I’ve been really nervous since they asked me. And he hasn’t even passed away yet! I’m grateful that they thought to ask me... Continue Reading →

Appropriate age to attend Funeral

Dear “Ask the Director”: I was wondering how old a child has to be before it is appropriate for them to attend funeral services for a family member; including the wake with viewing.  My daughter is 8 years old and my concern is that she won’t understand the reality and meaning of the event. Rosa... Continue Reading →

Family-Owned VS Conglomerate

Dear “Ask the Director” Whenever funeral homes are mentioned in conversations I have (and unfortunately, as I get older it comes up all too often) I hear about certain homes being a corporation. Is that the case? How would I know which ones are? When it comes down to it, why does the type of... Continue Reading →

“Greener” Approach to Cremation

Dear Funeral Director, I’ve read of a new form of disposition available that uses a liquefying procedure to reduce a person’s remains to ashes. It’s touted as a “greener” approach than burial and cremation. Can you provide me with more details on this and explain exactly how this process works? Thank you for your time.... Continue Reading →

What’s “Traditional” These Days?

Dear Director: I always here the term “traditional” when people talk about funerals…. With more and more people deciding to cremate instead of being buried – how are there any truly traditional funerals anymore?  I always thought “traditional” meant wake/church/cemetery. Thanks for taking my question. Maureen B., Stamford, CT Dear Maureen: The word “traditional” in... Continue Reading →

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